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Dreams Of What Could Be

It’s a nice neighborhood, close to good schools, and with easy access to many transportation options. Most houses have tidy yards, colorful gardens, and a white-picket-fences. Then, in the middle of this idyllic block, one place stands out like sore thumb. And you have to sell it.

Grace Will Lead Me Home

There is a redeeming factor to working in foreclosures in Minnesota. It’s hard work, both physically and emotionally. But there is also a palpable feeling of civic accomplishment when we see a home transition from vacant to alive, from silent to singing.

Beyond Curb Appeal: Code Compliance And Safety Issues

Foreclosed homes come in all shapes and sizes. They also come in different levels of disrepair. While we can wish that your entire portfolio be comprised of well maintained, structurally sound homes, we know that’s rarely the case.

It Never Stops: Garbage Houses

  There is seemingly no end to the debris-filled dwellings that quietly populate our landscape. Last week I put up a series of posts on a hoarder house (click here for post 1, post 2, and post 3). And while this home isn't nearly as impacting as a true hoarder home, it still might surprise some people that we deal with this caliber of debris on a daily basis. These are our neighbors, whether we know it or not. There is no demographic that is free from accumulated filth.   Upstairs, the remnants of a last supper sit on a grimy stair spindle.   Downstairs, the kitchen has become a storehouse for odds and ends. But it's not that bad in the kitchen, once you get down to the details. Sure, the stove is cluttered, but there isn't that much encrusted filth - the kind that stretches back years. But neglect is obvious, especially here in the garage. Melting snow trickles through rotting slats. We'll likely have to tear the garage down. There were a few homey to ...

Friday Photo Fun: Selfie Edition

Ellen Degeneres and Colin Powell have made the digital rounds with their famous selfies. We can play that game, too. Even we trashout guys pause for a selfie from time to time. Here is your favorite garbage photographer reflected in a garage window just outside of St. Paul.  

Inside A Hoarder House: A Closer Look (Part II)

The further we delve into the details of a hoarder house, the more we learn about the occupant.

Inside A Hoarder House: A Closer Look (Part I)

Over the past two days, I've written about a hoarder house from the curb, and given a tour inside. Places like this one can be overwhelming. When a house is packed with nearly 600 cubic yards of debris (think 20 of these dumpsters), it's hard to see the details

Tour A Hoarder Home With Me

Yesterday, I wrote about what I feel when I see closed blinds and painted windows from the street. Today, I'll walk you through the house.

First, it's difficult to walk around here. One person can squeeze through along the goat trails that wind through all

Do You See What I See?

I don't know if you can tell, but I see it from a mile away: this house is going to be trouble. This might look like an unassuming, 1960s-era slice of suburban paradise, and maybe it was, once. But I see something here in my approach to the home that gives

Wall Art, Two Versions

I like seeing what people put on their walls. The above image comes from a home in Minneapolis. I like how the painting, light, and chain come together in a visually interesting (at least to me) way.

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