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All Sales Final: Garage Sales In Foreclosures

  Whenever we enter a house that is full of furniture, clothes, and other useful items, I wonder why the occupants decided to simply walk away. I understand that their upcoming living situation might be tenuous, and it might be a much smaller dwelling. You can't take everything with you. But why not sell it? That's exactly what the owners of this home did before they walked away. As you can see, this house held a garage sale.      Why not make a few bucks? Anyone facing eviction is necessarily in dire financial straits, so to me it just makes sense to squeeze a few bucks out of what you have to get rid of anyway. Even a couple hundred dollars will go a long way towards establishing a new personal infrastructure.      There were a lot of porcelain figurines organized by seasons.          This piano was listed at $75. There were no takers. I banged out a few bars of a Chopin etude and it sounded good. It's hard to unload pianos, ...

As Temperatures Rise, Off Come Beards

Between the influx of hipsters, the advent of Movember, and the Midwest's gnarly winters, beards are big right now. But with a big beard comes big responsibility, especially for cleanup. The sink in the image above sports a fuzzy grin due to the errant hairs of a beard removed. What grooming purpose the rusty wire cutters served has been lost to history.   A hairy sink is common among the bearded. There is an easy, inexpensive technique to prevent these tough-guy tufts from soiling your porcelain. Simply unfold a section of the newspaper and use that to catch the falling fluff. Then dispose of the paper as you see fit. See? No more hair itching up the bathroom.    A hairy sink is no match for us. In the blink of an eye we'll sweep the offending whiskers along with the razor, wire cutter, and anything else that's cluttering up the room. Then, with our house blend of cleaning agents and a strong dose of elbow grease, we'll polish the bathroom so that shines like it hasn't in ...

A Day Fit For Santa

I saw flurries on my way to work this morning. Although I'm dreaming of days at the beach, afternoons grilling, and evenings on the patio, it feels more like Mr. Noel should be getting his sleigh ready.

Justification For Higher Education?

How do you get a mansion on the beach? Is it higher education, or greed? 

It Almost Looks Like Home. What Do You See?

The debris left behind in a foreclosed home can tell us a lot about who lived there. What do you see from this series of photos? 

A Sudden Departure, Or Premeditated Agression?

Did these homeowners find themselves surprised by a Sheriff's knock, or did they know for months that this day was coming? 


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