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How Does a Punch List Help You as a Homeowner?

A punch list is a checklist of actions that we need to complete so that you can comply with the terms of a building contract. When a project is in its final stages, we prepare the list to ensure that the entire project is completed. Once we have covered every item, do a walk-through with you on site. You can verify that we have done the work according to the contract. If we have missed any details or have not completed them according to the agreement, we then go back and finish the job until all terms are met.

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Prepare for Winter: Ice Dam Removal Services

In the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas the temperature can stay below zero almost all winter. The cold climate can cause ice dams to build on residential roofs. Enough ice can create a significant amount of weight. Enough weight over a prolonged period can bring about damage to the roofing system. For this reason, you should be ready to call Duall Services to remove the ice dam and repair your roof. We’re on call all season long to help homeowners with snow and ice issues. Our entire team is here when you need us, 24/7.

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Summer Moving Season Leaves Empty Houses

People are known for moving during the spring and summer. As a landlord, it leaves you with an empty house that has to be cared for until new tenants can be found. Ideally, a tenant will leave the house in perfect condition and ready to rent, but unfortunately every landlord knows that is rarely the case, but rather there are going to be a few jobs you have to conduct before putting the home back on the market.

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Covering All The Bases In Property Preservation

There are many different components of property preservation. Here are some of the important services that we offer. 

Initial Property Securing

Once the previous occupants move out, you’ll have to make sure that the property is secure and safe. WIth DuAll, our technicians can change all the locks on the home, identify and address any potential safety issues, and secure outbuildings, pools, and more.

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Spring Cleaning means Spring Lawn Care!

DuAll Services provides lawn service in Minneapolis. Our skilled crew can clean your yard of debris, dead plants, and haul out any junk that you need removed. Our professional crew will provide the elbow grease needed for your spring lawn care.

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Justification For Higher Education?

How do you get a mansion on the beach? Is it higher education, or greed? 

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It Almost Looks Like Home. What Do You See?

The debris left behind in a foreclosed home can tell us a lot about who lived there. What do you see from this series of photos? 

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A Moldy Doll Speaks Volumes

This dolly is in rough shape. She was in a basement laundry room, staring through her moldy cataracts from her resting place on a metal shelving unit. I'm not big into the supernatural, but I always pause when I see an abandoned humanoid in such a condition.

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Wall Quotes: When Was This Trendy?

I spent all of the aughts in Latin America, so I was not privy to many trends in fashion, technology, and architecture. So I have a question. I've come across a number of homes that have family/togetherness-oriented quotes painted on the walls. When was this

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This Is Not Winterized!!!

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