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Lawn Care

Now Is The Time To Schedule Spring and Summer Lawn Services

Schedule your lawn services for spring and summer. The lawn care experts at DuAll Services in the Twin Cities area can help with all your property needs.

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How Does a Punch List Help You as a Homeowner?

A punch list is a checklist of actions that we need to complete so that you can comply with the terms of a building contract. When a project is in its final stages, we prepare the list to ensure that the entire project is completed. Once we have covered every item, do a walk-through with you on site. You can verify that we have done the work according to the contract. If we have missed any details or have not completed them according to the agreement, we then go back and finish the job until all terms are met.

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Five Seasonal Services that Keep Your Cabin's Property at Its Peak

The last thing your getaway cabin should remind you of are all of the chores you had to do back home. This is a place of relaxation; a retreat from your 'normal' life. So when the time comes that your cabin needs maintenance, sit back and leave the work to professionals who can keep your cabin and the property around it looking and functioning great all year long. Below is a comprehensive list of the essential; fast, efficient work that can be completed for you every season. When you return to your cabin, it will have a fresh new appearance and accommodate your every need with no problems.

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It's a Jungle Out There

With all the hot weather and rainfall we’ve had recently, Minnesota feels more like a tropical wonderland than the northland. If you have any properties that haven’t had lawn care services recently, you might be surprised to see how overgrown the yard is. We’ve found grass nearly up to our wastes, bushes tangled with vines, shrubs covering all of a home’s windows, and vines that have all but devoured the home contained within its vegetable embrace. These are the kinds of scenes that you usually only see in a movie about swashbuckling adventurers who have to hack their way through the jungle with a machete.

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Four Tips for Your Spring Yard Cleanup

Tulips are working their way towards blossoms, trees are trying their darndest to show a little green, and chirping birds have returned. While Mother Nature prepares for the color onslaught of summer, you might still be stuck in the winter doldrums - especially during these days when our yards look defeated after several months of snow cover.

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Get Your Properties In Shape For Fall

All indications are that this is going to be a spectacular autumn, with colorful bursts of orange, yellow, and red throughout the great state of Minnesota. And while the change in seasons is a pleasant visual change when you're on a lazy Sunday drive, the quickly denuding trees and scattered leaves can leave your property looking unkempt. And when curb appeal can mean the difference between getting your clients to walk inside and simply walking, you need a good property preservation and maintenance company to ensure your property looks great.

Make sure your properties look their best this fall with DuAll's Fall Cleanup!

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Gardens Are Blooming. It's Time to Mulch


Now that we’re getting our lawns in shape for the rest of spring and summer, it’s time to think about applying mulch.

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Spring Lawns Can Be Soggy


It’s officially spring, but the ground is still quite wet. This puts us in a conundrum. We know that you’d love for us to start working on your properties’ yards as soon as possible. And yet we must balance that with our knowledge of how to take care of a yard. The end result, after all, is for your properties to look like some of the best ones on the block.

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Dreams Of What Could Be

It’s a nice neighborhood, close to good schools, and with easy access to many transportation options. Most houses have tidy yards, colorful gardens, and a white-picket-fences. Then, in the middle of this idyllic block, one place stands out like sore thumb. And you have to sell it.

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Spring Tease? Or The Real Deal?

Is it spring yet? It sure seems like it is. The snow cover has receded, families are out on their bicycles, and short sleeves are enough to keep the elements at bay. But, this is Minnesota...

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