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3 Things Real Estate Agents Need to Know About Cleaning Foreclosed Homes

Dealing with cleaning out foreclosed homes shouldn't be one of the tasks that fall to a real estate agent with such homes in his or her inventory. Instead, a company like DuAll Services provides this type of professional service that is focused on making the lives of busy professional real estate agents easier and less stressful. Here are just a few reasons you should trust DuAll Services to clean out your foreclosed properties:

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Dirty Dave’s Trashout Plan

When Dirty Dave gets out of his truck, the game begins. “Whoo boy, what do we have in store today?” he says. “Let’s take a look!”

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All Sales Final: Garage Sales In Foreclosures

  Whenever we enter a house that is full of furniture, clothes, and other useful items, I wonder why the occupants decided to simply walk away. I understand that their upcoming living situation might be tenuous, and it might be a much smaller dwelling. You can't take everything with you. But why not sell it? That's exactly what the owners of this home did before they walked away. As you can see, this house held a garage sale.      Why not make a few bucks? Anyone facing eviction is necessarily in dire financial straits, so to me it just makes sense to squeeze a few bucks out of what you have to get rid of anyway. Even a couple hundred dollars will go a long way towards establishing a new personal infrastructure.      There were a lot of porcelain figurines organized by seasons.          This piano was listed at $75. There were no takers. I banged out a few bars of a Chopin etude and it sounded good. It's hard to unload pianos, ...

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It Almost Looks Like Home. What Do You See?

The debris left behind in a foreclosed home can tell us a lot about who lived there. What do you see from this series of photos? 

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A Sudden Departure, Or Premeditated Agression?

Did these homeowners find themselves surprised by a Sheriff's knock, or did they know for months that this day was coming? 

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Do You See What I See?

I don't know if you can tell, but I see it from a mile away: this house is going to be trouble. This might look like an unassuming, 1960s-era slice of suburban paradise, and maybe it was, once. But I see something here in my approach to the home that gives

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Scrapping Your Own Home

Love The Way You Lie

Life Left Behind: The Kitchen

Life Left Behind: The Living Room

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