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Curb Appeal

Summer Moving Season Leaves Empty Houses

People are known for moving during the spring and summer. As a landlord, it leaves you with an empty house that has to be cared for until new tenants can be found. Ideally, a tenant will leave the house in perfect condition and ready to rent, but unfortunately every landlord knows that is rarely the case, but rather there are going to be a few jobs you have to conduct before putting the home back on the market.

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Empty Properties: More Than Holding Costs

Every property manager understands the importance of maintaining an empty house between tenants. It's often a “double whammy” of holding costs without receiving rent payments as an offset and there tends to be particular types of damage which occur in empty houses. Steady, regular maintenance has to be conducted to avoid unwanted surprises when you show the home to potential renters or buyers, or to maintain the house at full value until such time as an offer comes so you can negotiate toward the best price possible for yourself and the client seeking to rent or buy your real property.

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It's Like a Jungle Out There

So let's say that you're pulling up to a property and you can barely see the house. The grass is knee high, vines cover half of the dwelling, the bushes have grow over the windows, and the gutters look like they are unique ecosystems. During a Minnesota summer, the warm temperatures and long days means that vegetation will grow, and grow a lot. And when you're looking at an unkempt property in the middle of a block of well groomed homes, the overgrown property will stick out all the more. 

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Creating Good Curb Appeal For Your Properties

June is one of the best months to list your home for sale or find tenants that will remain in your home. With the weather heating up, you will have plenty of people looking at your property if you have curb appeal. But, how can your home outshine similar homes within the same vicinity? Keep reading to discover four tips for creating good curb appeal for your properties.

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