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5 Summer Renovations for Your Home

Schedule your summer renovations today. The property care experts at DuAll Services in the Twin Cities, Minnesota can help with all your summer upgrades.

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How Does a Punch List Help You as a Homeowner?

A punch list is a checklist of actions that we need to complete so that you can comply with the terms of a building contract. When a project is in its final stages, we prepare the list to ensure that the entire project is completed. Once we have covered every item, do a walk-through with you on site. You can verify that we have done the work according to the contract. If we have missed any details or have not completed them according to the agreement, we then go back and finish the job until all terms are met.

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4 Reasons to Choose DuAll Services as Your Property Maintenance Company

A property management company can be a vital component in maintaining a property or home that is not occupied all year round, or that is rented out. Whether you own a single home that you want to rent out for extra cash, you are a real estate agent with multiple properties that you must oversee, or you have a vacation home that you want to have ready at a moment's notice, DuAll Services offers a plethora of features and services that make your life easier.

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Why You Should Leave the Pressure Washing to the Professionals

Some DIY projects look much better on paper than they do in real life, such is the case with pressure washing your home. We get it; you want to save a few bucks by tackling the job yourself. We rarely run into clients, however, who have expressed 100% satisfaction after washing their home. By calling a professional company to wash your homes’ exterior, you save yourself the headache of doing it yourself.

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Empty Properties: More Than Holding Costs

Every property manager understands the importance of maintaining an empty house between tenants. It's often a “double whammy” of holding costs without receiving rent payments as an offset and there tends to be particular types of damage which occur in empty houses. Steady, regular maintenance has to be conducted to avoid unwanted surprises when you show the home to potential renters or buyers, or to maintain the house at full value until such time as an offer comes so you can negotiate toward the best price possible for yourself and the client seeking to rent or buy your real property.

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Property Preservation and Beyond

By now you probably know that DuAll Services is the go-to company for all of your property preservation needs. Over that last few years, we have worked with banks and other financial institutions to service thousands of foreclosed properties. But did you know that we are also a general contractor? It's true. We have a staff of highly skilled craftsmen who can make quality improvements to your property.

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Signs that a House Flip May Require a General Contractor

Ideally, your house flip is going to be a quick matter of applying a new paint job, maybe putting in new carpet, and selling the home for a fair price that allows for profit to accommodate your time and effort toward getting it ready. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Flipping houses requires work. You may be able to conduct that work yourself with the assistance of your work crew, but other times the job requires the services of a general contractor.

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The Knowledge and Experience of a General Contractor


When you have a construction project, whether repairs or renovations, you have the options to do it yourself, hire a local handy man, or hire a licensed contractor. There are a few considerations when making the decision. You may know how to do the job, but it’s a matter of time and efficiency when you can work on it only in evenings or hire someone else to schedule it as a priority. A handy man may be able to do many jobs that come up, but likely doesn’t have the same experience and licensure as a general contractor. The contractor, in addition to the license and insurance, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the job to get it done quickly and efficiently the first time.


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