I was going through some old magazines in the office, and I came across this photograph in Cleaning and Restoration, a bimonthly magazine put out by the Restoration Industry Association (RIA). The photo on the right shows our own Gary Dooner receiving the Martin L. King Award for restoration. You may not know it because of our current focus on property preservation, but Gary is one of the country's foremost experts on restoration, serving as President of the RIA. Looking good, Gary. Looking good. [caption id="attachment_1123" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="We rode this all the way to Uncle Franky's."][/caption] This sweet toy ride took us all the way to Uncle Franky's, a hot dog/burger/fries/ice cream joint in Nordeast Minneapolis. Uncle Franky's is a good working-class spot for a delicious, greasy meal before returning to the salt mines (or the garbage houses). Uncle Franky collects Scooby Doo memorabilia, and whenever we find a choice piece, we clean it up and add to his hoard. How 'bout a couple of all-beef wieners on the house, Franky? Finally, I'd like to share a link to some photographs I found interesting. This site shows an abandoned Six Flags amusement park in New Orleans. I'm not a fan of a lot of the extensive HDR techniques the photographer used, but the compositions are great and it gives a good idea of what an amusement park feels like after the laughter is gone.

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