This segment was shot in 2009, and holds true today. It offers a few insights on what we do every day, although this is a pretty nice home for a trashout. Many of our homes are in the inner cities or decaying suburbs and contain a heck of a lot more trash than this one. But it gives you an idea. We don't operate quite the same as the outfit in this clip. Instead of bringing everything to the landfill, we recycle much of what we find. Household items still in good shape, like toys, dinner sets, and furniture, are donated to local non-profits and to families who need help furnishing their homes. This makes the act of trashing out a bit easier on the conscience. One line in this clip that still befuddles me is "and although people know for months in advance that they're headed for foreclosure, many still leave in a hurry." The items of value that are left behind, family photos, books, valuable furniture, food. I would think that a garage sale would net at least a couple of hundred dollars - at least enough to rent a moving truck. And yet we frequently find homes that look like this one, where instead of months of notice, the occupants seem to have left in a manner that suggests an approaching hurricane, or spreading wildfires.

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