I found this letter in the attic of a home I was cleaning out last week. As part of our exclusive content for our Facebook fans, I here share for you, verbatim, the thoughts of the inmate as a young man. I have removed any names or other identifying factors. Aunty: M. 8-24-09 Well" im a start off by saying how you and da family been. hope OK cause Im not doing too much "doing my Time," staying strong. freedom.. is special to me. wish i was out with yall in da Baby Iv Got to be Gone. for awhile But not for ever. Im been praying everyday got my GeD going for me "dont" worried Gold tole me Im coming home soon. tell "my baby moma and baby's in brother. in sista and mom I love  Them cold hearted ass people" out their I Guest it is true when you Gone everyBody forget about you cause I been down awhile aint got "one letter. yest still waiting. i Done sent one out to aunty L. in A. Still aint got one yet no pictur's of Nobody but need you get this information out to the family and tell them To write me in send, some pic's of my Babies. and less than a month from Now I'm bout to move to a different facility "so need all thes info befor I leave" Pictur's and all so wheir ever my mom is need her to write me too. Need you to write me in send me some pic's of all yall tell "my. wife, A. an R. I said take some Bodyshot and face shot in send them in asap n to responded To my letter I wrote her would you get her new address for me aunty please really need it. I feel Lonely cuase aint got nothing to look at or think about tell her mom J. "I said hi could you make dis da first thing you do. I'm in XXX prisoned.. When you get this Pleas I beg you aunty Tell "her i said Keep her job Stay out the City in by some envelope "for me in write a lot in send many pictur's of her I need dis done asap when you get thise letter. my info is xxxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxx. Aunty leave my page on da computer got pic on their i need to Get off their of A. im gonna do my parole at the house for a year in 6 month Then get my own crib OK well love you, M. -- after "you rad in delay all this" rip dis letter up in throw it down da trash... OK tell, K. my result is Negativ so Im clean. got paper work for her to OK tell her she aint got to write me just send me some pic's of my babies OK... So there you have it. It's nothing spectacular, but I've never read prison correspondence before. Who knows what literary treasures the next home will  bring.

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