[caption id="attachment_1725" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="If board games go a long time without being played, do they become bored games?"][/caption] I like finding games like these in a closet. Oftentimes, the items we encounter are dirty, broken, or too far deteriorated to be of use to anyone else. But these games seemed to have all of their pieces, and the home was in good shape. I guess the previous occupants outgrew Hannah Montana Girl Talk and Operation, although I don't understand how anyone could be too old for the tycoon-building magic of Monopoly. These games didn't go into the cube truck with the rest of the rubbish. Instead, we pulled them aside and donated them so that they might find themselves on a new dining room table, surrounded by a group of family and friends, each person vying for the high score.

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