[caption id="attachment_2574" align="alignnone" width="425"]A great place to catch up on some reading and knitting. A great place to catch up on some reading and knitting.[/caption] Most of the time, we come across houses that are less than inviting: rubbish is strewn about; plumbing has been plundered; and the idea of making a house a home is very much in the abstract. But not here. I felt more like a guest than a worker here. [caption id="attachment_2577" align="alignnone" width="640"]The guest bedroom. The guest bedroom.[/caption] I figured that a young, single woman lived here, probably with a couple of dogs. The home was clean and orderly, not like the trash-strewn madness that we normally encounter. [caption id="attachment_2575" align="alignnone" width="425"]Ready for winter. Ready for winter.[/caption] The closets looked like the occupant might return at any moment. [caption id="attachment_2578" align="alignnone" width="425"]Blue jeans. Blue jeans.[/caption] An office was all set up to do some work. [caption id="attachment_2573" align="alignnone" width="640"]Ready to work. Ready to work.[/caption] As much as these rooms look intact, it was evident that some attempt had been made to clear out valuables and personal items. But I couldn't help wondering what happened here. The house was so clean, and it looked like the previous occupant took good care of the place. I didn't see the traditional signals of foreclosure around, like divorce, disease, or drugs. Did she lose her job and find the monthly payments impossible? Did something worse happen to her? [caption id="attachment_2572" align="alignnone" width="640"]Now we're cooking with gas. Now we're cooking with gas.[/caption] I don't know. All I can do is hope that she finds her path, and that the next owners of this home take as good care of it as the previous one did.

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