Trash Removal Services MinneapolisNo one really thinks about what happens to all of the junk in a foreclosed Minneapolis home. The fact is that the process of cleaning out some of these homes nothing short of disgusting much of the time. The good news is there is a company available to go in and do the dirty work on the REO properties so you do not have to. We are available 24/7 and no job is too large.


During our trash removal services we remove appliances, rotting wood, moldy carpet, and human debris. Some jobs will take just a single load and some will require several dumpsters of removal. Call DuAll today if you are faced with a job that seems overwhelming and you do not know where to start. Acquiring a foreclosed Minneapolis home can end up being very lucrative, however it starts with a lot of hard work.


Whether the home was used as it should have been, or for more nefarious purposes as it sat empty, cleaning out the property can be a hazardous job at worst, and a tedious job of continuous trash removal at best. We do more than simple trash removal though, when we leave the home it will be up to our standards and considered "Sale Clean" with The White Glove Standard™. You will be satisfied, and likely surprised at the condition of the home after the trained professionals are done removing all the debris and bringing the home up to our high standards of cleanliness.

Services We Offer Will Keep Your Hands Clean From Start To Finish

  • We take you from the Sheriffs' lockout to the re-keying of your REO properties. Foreclosure clean out has a lot of little details that we have dealt with over and over in our business. We do not over look a single thing.
  • While performing the clean out we keep an eye out for code compliance violations and inform you so you know of any problems before you are checked.
  • We removed everything, including the gross and the heavy. We have a staff of trained professionals so no one gets injured or contaminated while removing some of the worse debris.
  • Mold removal in any area of the home or the whole home. We have a professionally trained staff, and all of the proper equipment to make a 'sick' house livable again.
  • Code compliance, including smoke and carbon monoxide detector installation.
  • After removal of the waste, we can clean the home from top to bottom. We start with a very dirty job, and in the end we leave you with a sale ready home.


After your REO properties are pristine and sale ready we still offer our service to keep home and yard up to our white glove standards.

Recurring Services To Keep Property Pristine:

  • Snow removal in the winter.
  • Winterization and De-winterization services.
  • Plumbing and emergency repairs 24/7 because we know how water damage can spread fast and cause costly problems if left sitting for even a short time.
  • We will turn an overgrown jungle of a yard into a trim and tidy area with ultimate curb appeal.
  • Set up a lawn care maintenance schedule in the warm months.
  • Maintain the interior that we perfected, and prepare the home for showings.


On the worst of jobs, we impress our clients with efficiency and speed. It is our job to secure and clean the house once it is your possession. Then if you choose, we offer regular maintenance so the house never looks abandoned in again, just lovely, welcoming and clean.


Contact DuAll Services today and we will get the trash out of your property!

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