Hoarding seems to have captured people's attention, but what is worse than a hoarder's nest of treasures? The answer might surprise you. In the business of REO property cleaning, we call a situation that is worse than hoarding a Trashout. It has come to mean many things. All of the meanings are extreme.



Hoarders encompass an image in our minds. Mountains of old stuff piled as high as possible. Little pathways run through a maze of possessions. There are shopping bags that are full of things that have never been emptied. 57 sets of dishes that are still in their boxes. Then you have stage two hoarders where instead of old interesting stuff you have things that should have been thrown away years ago, such as broken furniture, 12 broken vacuum cleaners, appliances that are no longer working. Old cars and car parts that people just did not get rid of when they had the chance. Then it starts to get nasty. Stage 3 hoarders live in squaller. There is garbage everywhere. Insect infestations are common. The place smell like cat urine. There is something living under that old broken down couch. There are bottles of unmarked fluid and unique specimens of mold that has begun to grow.

The Darker Side of Life

Sometimes you walk into a home, and you can just feel the despair. Violence, drug use, and crime houses are bad news. There is graffiti on the walls. The bathrooms have decades worth of filth. The plumbing has been leaking for years. There is a chemical smell that has seeped into the everything. The carpet is alive. There is mold. The windows are spray painted black. Drug paraphernalia and needles are present. The amount of biohazard material is disturbing. There are holes in the walls, and broken windows. Someone has lit a fire in the bathtub. There are stray live bullets all over the place. There are dead animals. The lawn is now a forest. There are bullet holes in the ceiling. The roof has been leaking for years. The smell of mold is severe. There is an old car in the garage, and you hope there is not a body in the trunk.

Where to begin

Safety should always be the first order of business. If this is a job that you do not want to do or perhaps cannot do than call on DuAll Services. We handle debris removal and REO Cleaning. In fact, after years of REO cleaning and recovery of properties like the ones described above, DuAll Services felt the need to create a one-stop-shop. We provide trashout services for Real Estate agents, Banks, Commercial property managers, residential property managers, and for people who own rental properties that have turned into a junk heap.

We have developed the skills and experience to deal with the technical and physical aspects of dealing with the most disgusting of debris removal jobs. We understand local regulations about what can go into landfills and what kinds of material needs to go to specialized recycling facilities. That includes things like toxins, e-waste, car batteries and bio-waste.

Step 2: Making a plan and START!


The second task is to remove all of the garbage and things that can go into a dumpster and hauled away. Once that is done, the next phase begins by examining and planning how to remove toxic waste. This may include obtaining special permits. When the structure is cleared, a full estimate of the damages can be made. This would begin with things like inspecting for mold, listing problems such as leaking plumbing, broken windows, and structural repairs such as patching holes in walls. DuAll services is qualified to handle mold remediation. We can make properties inhabitable, safe, and above all else, clean. If you have a nightmare REO property, we are just a telephone call away.


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