Summer is quickly winding down and school is starting. This summer has been very enjoyable for many Minnesotans. The weather was kind and never got too hot, and we had a few cooler times that made it fun to be outside.


Many people worked hard to maintain their lawns. Most neighborhoods have at least one neighbor with a perfect lawn. Houses with perfect curb appeal liven up a neighborhood and encourage other neighbors to put forth a little more effort with their own lawn.


Now we come to your REO property and how it sticks out like a sore thumb. Your REO property has recently been vacated and is in need of a turnaround. Your lawn has not been maintained, the shrubs and trees need trimmings, and weeds are everywhere. This is the moment when you need DuAll and professional REO lawn care services for your Minneapolis metro area property.


Exterior Services

DuAll will perform exterior services to liven your curb appeal. Your REP property needs to look good and you need a quick turnaround. DuAll has the ability and capacity to turn around your REO property and make your property clean and ready for a sale.


REO property exterior conditions can vary greatly from a home foreclosure to an abandoned property. Each property has specific needs that must be addressed. Often the properties will look unmaintained and the plants will be growing wild. This is when you need the experience that DuAll offers to maximize the return on your REO field service budget.


Exterior Services include:

·         Lawn Care and mowing

·         Tree and hedge trimmings

·         Weed eliminations

·         Watering and Fertilization

·         Debris Removal

·         Maintenance


Lawn Care

Interior Services

 DuAll performs through interior services which yield . Some properties are packed with junk, furniture, old clothing, debris, garbage and a wide assortment of the items left behind by the prior residents. Often the drapes and blinds are removed allowing neighbors to see the terrible interior conditions of the property. DuAll fixes these situations and makes your REO property sale clean and ready to be purchased by the next homeowner or property Management Company.


Interior Services Include:

·         Rekey the locks on doors

·         Secure the property and prevent reentry

·         Debris removal of junk and garbage

·         Deep cleaning of all types of messes

·         Recycling or disposal of filthy appliances

·         Any specific cleaning or action that your property needs.


Each REO property has specific needs on the interior. DuAll will assess your property’s situation, discuss the plan with you, and then perform the work to help you sell the REO property.


Lawn Care Services

Recurring Services


DuAll has recurring services for clients with REO properties that remain unsold for periods of time. Recurring services are started to maintain the clean property until the sale is made. Most REO property owners and managers take delight that the property will always looks good once a recurring service has been started.


Recurring Services include:

·         Lawn Care

·         Scheduled Interior Services

·         Scheduled Exterior Services

·         Snow & Ice Removal

·         Winterization

·         Plumbing Repairs



REO Field Services

REO field services are the necessary services that start once a foreclosure happens. DuAll dispatches experienced workers to access the situation, make a plan and execute the plan. Foreclosures always need to be cleaned out, updates need to be made for code compliance, and locks must always be changed.


REO Field Services include:

·         Foreclosure Cleanout

·         Code Compliance

·         Mold Removal

·         Sale Clean


REO properties can start out very rough and filthy, yet DuAll will always make the property clean and ready for sale.


Feel free to contact DuAll you have property needs in the Minneapolis, MN metro area and the Milwaukee, WI metro area. We will transform your REO property into a property ready for sale.


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