Fall management of REO property in Minneapolis begins with yard work. If you manage REO properties that have not yet been liquidated then DuAll Services is the perfect partner to help you with all of the upkeep and chores needed to prepare the property for sale, or viewing. DuAll Services provides value-added services that keep your properties in prime conditions


REO Field Services for New REO properties

Foreclosure cleanout is a service that we offer. We will empty all of the content of a foreclosed property and properly dispose of all the junk that is left. This included the responsibility of handling toxic substances, E-waste, abandoned vehicles, biohazardous material, and garbage. Our debris removal service is, usually, the first step for new REO properties. 


REO Property

Damage Repairs, Plumbing Repair, and Cleaning

After all of the garbage and debris is gone we will repair any damage to the house. We work with you to develop or follow a property management plan. We are fully capable of house repairs including mold abatement. We will look at the plumbing and repair leaky pipes and even replace fixtures, toilets, sinks, etc. as needed. When the repairs are finished, it is time to make the property look livable. Our cleaning service is capable of sterilizing the inside of most properties. We focus on bringing back the brilliance with a thorough cleaning and sanitizing. This includes treating the property for pests such as fleas and ants. 

The property will need to be winterized so pipes do not freeze and burst. We will properly winterize your property and save you from a major repair situation.


Painting, Landscaping and Yard Maintenance

A good paint job on the inside of the house can bring an abandoned property back to life. With the inside task list complete, we can focus on the outside of the property. Landscaping is the first task. Our goal is to make sure that shrubs and trees are pruned to look amazing. If there is a lawn, we will mow it and test the sprinkler system if there is one. Sprinkler systems will be winterized. If there are broken or missing sprinkler heads, we will replace them. If needed, we will reseed and fertilize the lawn. Our yard maintenance is a service that can be scheduled until the house rents or sells. With fall in the air, the leaves will be covering the lawn pretty quickly. Once the yard is in shape, we will paint the exterior of the building. This includes pressure washing and cleaning the surface and filling or replacing damaged siding. Our service has the central goal to make your property look its best so that potential buyers or renters can see the value of the REO property. 


Property Exterior Cleaning Services

Full-service property care

DuAll Services is a complete one stop shop for REO managers, banks, and real estate agents. We have invested the time to develop a company that can do anything and everything that needs to be done. We offer these services so that you do not have to waste time with twelve different vendors. Just one call and your property will be taken care of by professionals. From removing debris to REO cleaning, we can take your foreclosed property and return it to its best condition. We provide property services throughout Minnesota and down into Iowa. 


We offer competitive rates, references and the experience that is needed to deal with the unexpected. We have the tool and equipment to handle any job and the experience to know how to use the best tool for the job. We offer one-time services or services that are recurring. We want your property to be the best that it can be. Our goals and your goals are likely quite similar. We both want your property to rent or sell in a timely manner. 


If you'd like more information about our REO services, just call us. We are happy to answer all of your questions and provide you with a free estimate



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