DuAll Services is your first choice in the care of REO property in Minneapolis. We will clear out the junk, fix up the broken pipes, and return the property to livable conditions. We work with REO property in St Paul, Minneapolis and properties all the way in Iowa.


REO Property Cleaning

We offer a comprehensive set of REO services that are attractive to property managers, real estate agents, banks and even private individuals. Our REO cleaning services are designed to remove the traces of past residents and present you with a property that is ready to be shown.

We will organize and dispose of all of the debris, including E-waste and toxins. We will repair damage to the building such as broken windows, holes in walls, and leaking plumbing. We will clean the property so that the house is brilliantly clean and dazzling to perspective home buyers. We will take care of the outside by repairing structural damage and painting. We will clean up the yard and take care of the landscaping details. We will even mow and rake the lawn each week. We offer a comprehensive set of REO services because our clients prefer to manage just one account. We can work under your direction to the extent of cleaning and repairing that you want done.

Real Estate Property

If you'd like to work with a professional team that can transform your REO property to "Sale Clean" and ready to rent or sell the unit, just call us. We are here to help.


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