Snow removal is a huge issue for property preservation contractors during Minnesota’s winter. Laws vary between cities, but generally an accumulated snowfall of one or two inches is enough for DuAll to make sure all of your properties are code-compliant, safe, appealing places. It’s a tough, cold job.

But there is an art to it, too. Unfettered access to the home, doors, and any outbuildings takes more than a strong back and a big truck. It takes technique. Every time there is a measurable snowfall, our snow-removal technicians take to the streets, fan out to all of our properties, and get to work. We make sure that each foreclosed property is quickly and completely serviced. The result is that you won’t find snow piled up in front of garage doors or access doors. Instead of trudging through thigh-deep snowdrifts to show that detached garage, you’ll have a clear path. And because we employ ice-mitigation techniques, you’ll have an easy walk up the driveway and to the front door.

In the end, your properties will have the cleanest driveways on the block. This, in turn, creates a good first impression for your clients. We view all of your properties as our own and, because we work and live in these communities, we want to be a good neighbor. We want new families to move into these homes. We want our communities to flourish.  Make sure your property preservation company looks after your – and your clients’ – needs. That’s the DuAll difference.

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