Dirty Dave is a professional choreographer. You won’t see him directing dancers in Swan Lake or The Nutcracker; Dirty Dave is not into the fine arts. But he employs the same techniques, creating a well-coordinated, steady march of foreclosure cleanout prowess. I’ll give you an example.

There was a rural property far outstate, dozens of miles from the nearest town, and even further from anywhere to dump garbage. Under normal conditions, we’ll send out a couple of box trucks and dump trailers

The day before the job, like a conductor studying the score before a big concert, Dirty Dave studies the jobsite. He looks at photographs and maps, and calls inspectors. He develops a plan. “Looks like there might be 250 to 300 cubic yards of trash here,” he said. “And a lot of it is heavy stuff, like this collapsed outbuilding, and these massive old tanks. But the nearest dump is 47 miles away. That’ll take two guys off of the job for two hours each trip.” He did some calculations on some scrap paper. “I need to order some dumpsters.”

The next day, the assembled workers listened as Dirty Dave instructed us on logistics. “OK, guys, we’re driving 144 miles to the jobsite. There will be a 40-yard dumpster waiting for us on site. We need to load up the Bobcat, get our gear, take a dump trailer, and head out.” And so we did.

Once we arrived at the sprawling farm property, Dave started directing. “Kevin and Robbie, you guys start clearing out the upstairs of the house. Pappy, take the Bobcat and start filling this dumpster with debris from the fallen shed. Kevin, you start putting recyclable materials off to the side. I need to make some calls.”

Cue the dumpsters.

Dave had worked out a deal with the dump to have two dumpsters on site. When one starts to get full, he calls, and the trash company sends us a fresh dumpster, picks up the full one, heads to the dump, and returns with the empty dumpster. This cycle repeated throughout the day, until the property was debris-free.

Foreclosure property preservation is a difficult job, and some look at it as brutish, dirty work. And it is. But from the top floor of the house, watching the Bobcat carefully pull apart the remains of the shed, while the rest methodically tackled the house and grounds, I saw a logical beauty to our garbage dance. Trucks moved in and out. The soundtrack was beeping and banging, grunting and grinding. Slowly but steadily the rubbish grew less. And before the sun had set, we were done.

After a theatrical production, once the makeup is off and the costumes stored away, all that remains is the echo of applause. We rarely garner applause for our work. But the results are longstanding. About a year after we did this job, I was driving past the same property en route to perform an inspection down the highway. Driving past, I saw that the grass was neat, an American flag had been hoisted on the pole, and a fellow was outside, grilling. New life had been breathed into this property. I’m proud to have been part of this cycle of life. Contact DuAll Services at 763-788-9411 if you need help with your property.


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