Our attention to detail sets us apart. Too often, our customers have worked with property preservation companies that come in and go through a property as fast as they can. That’s how you miss things. And a half-finished house makes your job much harder.


Sure, all property preservation companies know that they can’t leave a couch in the living room, a rusty shipping cart in the yard, or bags of garbage in the garage. That’s Foreclosure Cleanout 101. But home buyers are a discerning bunch, and even small details can make a difference. For example, we make sure we remove all nails, screws, and window treatments from a home. This allows potential buyers to come in and see the home as a blank canvas, and not as someone else’s old project.


Additionally, we know where to find hidden rubbish. After DuAll cleans out your home, you won’t have to worry about a client finding debris under the deck, below stairs, in hard-to-reach cabinets, crawlspaces, attics, and more. We’ll find all the hiding spots, and then clean them out. Again, our goal is to remove all traces of the previous occupants, so that your client can imagine herself living in this home.


Another secret to our success is our inspection program. Once a job is completed, we then send an independent inspector to make sure that the property meets our White Glove Standard.

We work to reduce your homes’ time on market while increasing the sales price. Give us a call and see what the DuAll Difference can do for your foreclosed properties


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