Lawn Care ServicesIs it spring yet? It sure seems like it is. The snow cover has receded, families are out on their bicycles, and short sleeves are enough to keep the elements at bay. But this is Minnesota, and property preservation companies based in the Twin Cities should keep their plows at the ready, as our fine state’s capricious weather could blanket us with snow for some time to come. Remember that May snow that caught us off guard a couple of years ago? That’s nothing. On June 4, 1935, it snowed an inch and a half up in Mizpah.


For the Twin Cities, the average date for the last inch of snow cover is April 2nd. We’re getting our lawn care machinery all tuned up, as spring is going to grace us soon with six months of above-freezing temperatures. Until we start cutting, though, we’ll keep our trucks at the ready, lest it snow ten inches like it did on March 12, 2006.


We’re cautiously optimistic this year, however, as our collective fingers are crossed in hopes that these warm temperatures are here to stay. Once they are, we look forward to showing off our green thumbs.


Once the initial thaw takes place and ground conditions allow for our heavy machinery to take to the lawns without damaging them, we’ll have our exterior-services teams making sure that all of your properties maximize its curb appeal. This date varies from year to year, depending on climate conditions. We never perform a service if it might put the integrity of your yard at risk.


That’s what being a professional property preservation company is all about. We look forward to better times, but we’re always prepared for whatever today has in store for us, all in the interest of making your homes look their best. That’s the DuAll difference. 

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