Property Lawn CareIt’s a nice neighborhood, close to good schools, and with easy access to many transportation options. Most houses have tidy yards, colorful gardens, and a white-picket-fences. Then, in the middle of this idyllic block, one place stands out like sore thumb. And you have to sell it.


The yard is an overgrown tangle, where only broken appliances peek over the brush. All the lights are burned out. As you approach the front door, you can already smell the disaster that lies within. Filthy furniture seems to swim in a sea of garbage. Pet odors permeate everything. The refrigerator is packed with food, but has been unplugged for months. The entire situation is overwhelming. How can you possibly sell this house?


Give us a couple of days. We’ll transform your nightmare into a dream.


We’ve performed foreclosure cleanouts in Minnesota for quite some time now, and with thousands of homes under our belts, we’re comfortable in any setting. Our specialty is turning neglected properties into some of the best looking homes on the block. With our full menu of property preservation services, we will take care of everything from debris removal, a deep clean (with our trademarked White Glove Standard), and bring the yard up to snuff. We can even help you mitigate code-compliance issues, make minor repairs, and ensure the safety of your home. Once we’re done, you’ll have a gem on your hands.


Our staff of professional technicians is ready to tackle anything you can throw at us. The results are extraordinary.

There really is a DuAll difference. Give us a call to find out how we can help you get your foreclosed properties ready for a quick sale.  

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