It’s officially spring, but the ground is still quite wet. This puts us in a conundrum. We know that you’d love for us to start working on your properties’ yards as soon as possible. And yet we must balance that with our knowledge of how to take care of a yard. The end result, after all, is for your properties to look like some of the best ones on the block.

Why wait? When the soil is still saturated after a long winter and wet spring, the potential to damage a yard is great. We use a wide variety of equipment when it comes to sculpting a yard, but even a little push mower is heavy enough to create ruts in the ground - and that’s not mentioning our commercial-grade, zero-turn, 1,200-pound mowers. In Minnesota and Wisconsin, we recommend waiting until grass has grown to at least 4.5 inches for a three-inch cut. This helps the grass become deeply rooted and less prone to disease as the season winds on.   

In addition to the grass, we may delay trimming trees and bushes until the yard is safe to move across. Carrying a load of heavy branches could be damaging to the lawn, too.

In the end, though, know that we are working to maximize your properties’ curb appeal. An attractive yard attracts buyers, which means that the amount of vacant homes decreases. And, in the end, that’s what we aim for: vibrant communities with all of their homes occupied. 

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