When it comes to securing, cleaning, and preserving your inventory of foreclosed homes, you have a lot of options. But not all property preservation companies operate the same way. What should you ask companies before making a decision?

How do they dispose of debris?  

Any time you’re dealing with foreclosure cleanouts, you’re going to have a lot of debris. In addition to regular household rubbish, there may be appliances, electronics, tires, paint, and other potentially hazardous materials. Make sure your property preservation company responsibly disposes of all these materials. Paint and electronics, for example, cannot go to the local dump and special measures must be taken when getting rid of them. Unscrupulous companies won’t pay extra to dispose of these items, and they might even dump them illegally.

What insurance do they carry?

Accidents happen. How is your contractor going to cover a broken window? Do they carry general liability, errors and omissions, and vehicle insurance? How extensive is their coverage, and what is the coverage limit? Naturally, one would hope that insurance will never be needed. But good coverage is necessary, just in case.  

Are their employees subcontracted or on payroll?

If a company has employees on payroll, like DuAll does, it has more control over procedures and quality of work. Subcontracted workers may have less incentive to perform a truly thorough job, and could be more difficult to track down should you need them to return to the job site. Additionally, full-time employees enjoy benefits such as paid time off, health insurance, and paid training.

How do they give back?

Good companies are good neighbors. Does your property preservation company engage in their communities? Do they give back to the communities in which they work?

If you find a company that has all the right answers to these questions, you’ve found a good field services company. If you’re looking to ask someone in Minneapolis, Minnesota these questions, give us a call. We think you’ll be surprised by what DuAll has to offer.

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