June is one of the best months to list your home for sale or find tenants that will remain in your home. With the weather heating up, you will have plenty of people looking at your property if you have curb appeal. But, how can your home outshine similar homes within the same vicinity? Keep reading to discover four tips for creating good curb appeal for your properties.

Tip #1: Highlight Architectural Focal Points

Many homes have distinguishing features incorporated into its design that makes it stand out from other homes. From gables to wrap-a-round porches, architectural features that grab other’s attention must be enhanced. You should examine various ways to make them pop, visibly, including:

•    Adding lights
•    Repainting the structure
•    Adding colorful flowers

Whatever you choose to do, less is more, so be strategic in how you decide to highlight the architectural focal points at your properties.

Tip #2 Enhance Landscaping

One of the best ways to ensure that your properties are the talk of the town is to have the best lawn. There is something invigorating to see green, plush grass, multiple outdoor spaces, and vegetation of varying heights throughout a lawn. A well-developed lawn can take some time and work, so if you are not familiar with designing a landscape that will enhance your home’s exteriors, then you should hire a professional. They can provide you with advice and help you develop exterior features other homes in your neighborhood do not have, such as a home garden.

Tip #3 Create a Garden

There are many types of home gardens that you can use to improve your curbside appeal. The most effective at doing this will always be a flower garden. With a flower garden, you can incorporate various plants and vegetation that may bloom at different times and yield different flowers, creating a symphony of colors and scents for your property. 

Tip #4 Hire a Property Preservation Specialist

If you don’t know where to begin, then you can always hire a property preservation specialist to get your exteriors to a level that will be appropriate for your home. Home preservation specialists will help you by providing ongoing services to ensure that your property remains beautiful, even when you are not there. Mowing your lawn and removing rotten wood from the home’s exteriors are only two of the many services property preservation specialists offer their clients to increase their chances of having curb appeal.

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