Foreclosed houses can be great purchases as either investment homes to flip or use as ongoing rental properties, or as an inexpensive way to buy a home for your own. The problem with foreclosures is they often haven’t been well cared for and require work to get them prepared to provide acceptable living conditions. They nearly always need cleaning up, are behind on routine maintenance schedules, and need some larger repairs.

Recycling versus Landfill

The original cleanup is usually going to entail more than just dusting, vacuuming and sanitizing the bathrooms and kitchen. There is often household items and furniture that was left behind by the previous owners when they left the home. There are more environmental approaches than just hauling everything off to drop in the local landfill.

Some items can be donated. With items that are broken or otherwise not reusable, most metals, plastics and glass can be recycled. It may take a bit more time to separate and recycle, but you can rest assured you’ve done the responsible thing and made an environmental contribution.

Germs and Mold

Foreclosed homes should always be checked for possible mold, and especially if there are noticeable water leaks in the roof, door, windows or pipes. This can typically be determined and budgeted with the use of an inspector experienced with investment homes before the purchase is made. Germs can also build up if the house sat empty for a long time and may require deeper sanitation procedures than typical weekly or annual spring cleaning techniques you may be used to.

Importance of Expediency 

Investment houses have an obvious need for expediency with repairs in order to get the full return on your investment. Holding costs add up and eat away at your return, not to mention that you need your money back to reinvest as quickly as possible. With your personal home, you need it in a move-in state as quickly as possible to avoid the expense of renting a separate home in the meantime. DuAll Services is well experienced and understanding of these needs. They specialize in foreclosure cleanout and getting your house ready on time and on budget.

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