When you have a construction project, whether repairs or renovations, you have the options to do it yourself, hire a local handy man, or hire a licensed contractor. There are a few considerations when making the decision. You may know how to do the job, but it’s a matter of time and efficiency when you can work on it only in evenings or hire someone else to schedule it as a priority. A handy man may be able to do many jobs that come up, but likely doesn’t have the same experience and licensure as a general contractor. The contractor, in addition to the license and insurance, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the job to get it done quickly and efficiently the first time such as board ups and rekeys


Knowledge and Tools

Most jobs can be performed with an array of different tools. The contractor can judge the situation and determine the best tool for the job. For example, two types of power saw can perform many of the same tasks, but one will likely be more precise and the other may be faster. The contractor can quickly determine which to use so as to combine speed and efficiency with assuring not to damage anything around the cut to be made.

Knowledge and Experience

Nothing can be more frustrating than watching somebody bumble around, trying to figure out a job as it proceeds. When someone is trying different solutions to a project they’ve never performed before, it makes you worry as to their efficiency and the quality of the end result of their efforts. You can trust a licensed general contractor has been involved with all phases of construction before and knows how to approach a repair or remodel job efficiently and with confidence.

Knowledge of Safety

When you hire a general contractor you can rest assured he’ll use appropriate job safety techniques. For your protection from a legal standpoint, the license and insurance protects you from responsibility should an injury occur. More importantly, as a person with empathy and morals, you don’t want an injury to happen regardless of who has to pay for it. A contractor has the knowledge of what types of procedures end in accidents and makes sure the employees don’t use them.

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