You need to be careful when choosing a property preservation company to service your REO properties.


No good property preservation contractor can truly say that they’ve “seen it all.” Every property presents its own challenges, whether it’s removing a heavy safe from a basement, disposing of hundreds of old tires, or addressing biohazards. The possibilities are endless, and the more experience your contractor has, the more likely they will be able to tackle anything you throw at them.


In the REO world, you need properties to move quickly. You should demand a quick turnaround time from your trashout and cleaning crews so that any home in your portfolio spends the least amount of time on the market as possible. Be sure to get a commitment from your foreclosure cleanout crew as to how quickly they can service a property once it comes under your care.


If you deal with multiple properties at the same time, you need to be certain that your field service contractor has enough technicians on staff to handle a quick influx of properties.


Lots of people have a truck and trailer. But in order to handle a large volume of different kinds of properties, you need to have the right equipment. Does the company have access to skid loaders or other demolition equipment? Can they handle water extractions, emergency pump-outs, and late-night board ups? What about special circumstances, like wood chipping or disassembling old mechanicals? A good property preservation company will have a wide range of tools at their disposal to ensure that every task thrown their way can be handled quickly, efficiently, and safely.


Removing the debris is only part of the battle when cleaning out a foreclosed property. You also need to make sure that everything is properly disposed of according to federal, state, and local laws. How does the company handle household hazardous waste disposal, such as paint, oil, and aerosol cans? What about difficult-to-unload appliances, like old television sets, refrigerators, and water heaters? You don’t want to find out that your contractor has simply dumped these items in the woods. A trustworthy, reliable company will be able to detail exactly how they address these items.

DuAll Services has the experience, manpower, equipment and processes set up to quickly and responsibly take care of hundreds of foreclosed properties at the same time. Give us a call today and learn more about the DuAll difference.

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