If you’ve been working in foreclosed homes for any length of time, you know that summer makes all the aromas come alive. In our experience, there are a few things that tend to make the most pungent impression on our work.

Refrigerators and freezers. We’ve found more nasty fridges and freezers than we’d like to remember. Oftentimes, people simply leave food in the fridge when they leave for the last time. Soon thereafter the power might get cut. Now you have a warm, dark room where the food will decompose. Do not open these refrigerators; the smell will stick with you for quite some time.

We generally remove these appliances from the home, unless directed to do otherwise. Then we bring them to our yard, where our technicians either recycle them or dispose of them according to environmental best practices.

The garage/garbage combo. Now, the garage isn’t always a huge source of stink. Occasionally, however, we find that the previous residents had long ago stopped garbage pickup services. But they don’t stop producing waste. So where does it go? In bags, and piled in the garage. Imaging six months’ worth of rubbish rotting in a hot garage. It’s not the most pleasant thing to experience.

Pets. While we love our furry friends outside of work, when a cat or dog (and once, sheep) has free reign of a home, the subsequent stench can be overpowering. Nobody likes to smell dog poo or cat pee. It’s unpleasant. But when you compound that with an overflowing litter box, or room where Fido lever left, the heat can bring those rooms truly alive.

So what do we do? We clean everything, top to bottom, to our trademarked White Glove Standard. Our technicians make sure to clean everything from the top of the ceiling fan in the upstairs to the drain grates in the basement. We scrub. We deodorize. We work to eliminate odors. Property preservation is our passion, and that translates into faster turnaround times for your sales - at higher prices. Give us a call today and find out how DuAll Services can make a difference in your business.

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