Owning a cabin is a luxury many people don’t get to experience. It’s a luxury in which homeowners can enjoy year around. Unfortunately, many cabin owners don’t get the chance to spend much time at their cabins due to the demands of their everyday life. As such, they reserve their cabin for getaways and vacation.

A retreat cabin is great, but how are you protecting your cabin when you are not there? With many cabin owners leaving their cabin vacant for at least half the year, their cabins are an unattended treasure for many burglars.

You don’t have to be a victim of a robbery at your cabin. The following are four easy-to-employ ways you can protect your cabin while you are away, busy with everyday life.

Keep Your Cabin Maintained

Much like your primary residence, one of the best ways to keep thieves from breaking into your home is to ensure it’s maintained. Preventing bushes and other shrubs from growing up around your cabin is critical. Additionally, your cabin look as if it’s falling apart. Cabins that are riddled with repairs signal to thieves that no one is maintaining the cabin, and they can have free reign at your home. Protect your home by cutting back bushes and making much-needed repairs.

Illuminate Your Cabin

Thieves love to operate in the shadows. Under the cover of darkness, many thieves can break-in homes and run off with your valuables. If you couple a poorly illuminated cabin with the fact that it’s tucked away in the woods, then you get an optimal break-in scenario for thieves. Don’t set yourself up to be the victim. Illuminate your cabin when you are not there. Install automatic lights or lights that are triggered by motion to scare thieves off.

You should also consider installing cameras. With a video of the break-in, you’ll have a better chance at holding the thief responsible.

Secure Your Property

Never leave your property unsecured in your cabin. Even if you are at your cabin and you want to step out to go to the store, secure your property before you go. Thieves are enticed by valuables. From your boat to your car to your jewelry, everything that is valuable should be locked and protected.

Purchase a Cabin Monitoring Service

One of the best ways to ensure you have complete protection when you are not at your cabin is by purchasing cabin monitoring service. In most cases, you can choose the level of service you want, which may include keeping your cabin maintained throughout the year. A cabin monitoring service is a no-nonsense way of reducing the chances that your cabin will be burglarized.

If you have a cabin and you are interested in learning more ways you can protect your second home, don’t hesitate to give DuAll Services a call today. We have years of experience working with cabin owners to ensure their homes are maintained while they are away, which helps reduce burglaries.

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