The last thing your getaway cabin should remind you of are all of the chores you had to do back home. This is a place of relaxation; a retreat from your 'normal' life. So when the time comes that your cabin needs maintenance, sit back and leave the work to professionals who can keep your cabin and the property around it looking and functioning great all year long. Below is a comprehensive list of the essential; fast, efficient work that can be completed for you every season. When you return to your cabin, it will have a fresh new appearance and accommodate your every need with no problems.


1. Seasonal Cleaning

A cabin in the woods gets dirty. Surrounded by trees, your cabin is always subject to debris from trees, natural dust, mold, and other elements that turn a beautiful rich wood finish into a dark heavily stained structure both inside and out. Simple seasonal cleaning can minimize the impact of the outside elements. A pressure washing will purge all mold, stains, and debris around the building and the deck area. Professionals can also give your roof and gutter a thorough cleaning while dusting and scrubbing the whole interior.


2. Seasonal Landscaping

Whether you want your immediate landscape area to be prepared for a long winter or want to enhance you lawn for the upcoming spring, landscaping is important to maintain vibrancy across the surrounding turf. Tree trimming can reduce the debris around your home as well as create healthier tree-life in the yard. Mulching will give the plant-life on your property more definition while holding the weeds back. Finally, cleanup takes care of all the tiny details that make the difference between a stunning, stylish landscape and a less than a satisfactory yard.


3. Seasonal Handyman Services

Just like any home, there's always something to do around the cabin. If you need locks changed, light fixtures or faucets replaced, or want to get rid of those pesky leaks, a handyman service can help you with all the minor irritations. A handyman can make small structural upgrades and undergo multiple inspections to ensure that every component of your cabin is properly working. Whatever household maintenance your cabin requires, you can depend on a handyman to do it for you.


4. Seasonal Exterior Improvements

To keep your cabin looking its best, a seasonal painting or staining is recommended. Experts recommend that you apply a new coat of stain sometime during the fall. During the autumn season, temperatures are steadier than they are the rest of the year. Slight temperature fluctuation help stabilizes paint and stain and allows it to dry much more quickly. The same goes for seal coating your driveway. Asphalt requires a good seal every 2-3 years to extend its life and keep it protected from the weather and chemical stains.


5. Winter Roof Protection

Ice Dams are common in Minnesota during the time of year when the temperature is just below freezing. Dams can get so heavy that put extreme weight on the soffit and fascia of a roof. They can also destroy shingles and other roofing materials while warping gutter systems. Keep your cabin's roof protected by hiring a professional ice dam and snow removal service. A protected roof will last longer, eliminate leaks, and keep your cabin's property value high.


If you're looking for interior and exterior cabin services in Columbia Heights and the surrounding North Central Minnesota area, contact Dual Services today. We provide a broad range of maintenance and repair service that are ideally suited for your home or getaway cabin. We offer reliable work, fast, efficient service, and affordable. We can help you with all your cabin maintenance needs.

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