People are known for moving during the spring and summer. As a landlord, it leaves you with an empty house that has to be cared for until new tenants can be found. Ideally, a tenant will leave the house in perfect condition and ready to rent, but unfortunately every landlord knows that is rarely the case, but rather there are going to be a few jobs you have to conduct before putting the home back on the market.


Trash Removal

Trash often has to be removed after a tenant leaves. Regardless of what is left behind, it has to be removed. DuAll Services, Inc., is capable of removing trash or furniture left behind by tenants. Some furniture might be able to be donated to a charity, certain items may need to go to a recycling center, and trash has to be bagged and taken to the local landfill. With proper knowledge of local resources, old appliances can often be traded for credit as a trade-in for new ones.


Preparation of a House for Sale

Between tenants, houses typically need to be repainted. Damaged cabinetry has to be repaired. Carpets might be okay with a steam clean procedure, or they may need to be replaced. What can be frustrating are minor repairs such as loose doorknobs or broken closet shelving, which you would have repaired had the tenant informed you of the problem but now it has become an expense while the house isn't producing rent payments. Such repairs have to be conducted in order to attract a good tenant you'll want to rent to on the next lease. A professional property preservation management contractor such as DuAll Services, Inc. is perfectly suited to prepare your empty house for sale or rent.


Maintaining an Empty House

What many people don't realize is an empty house has more responsibility than holding costs. Somebody has to go by and inspect for ongoing cleaning needs along with lawn care. The house has to be kept clear of squatters and kept in generally nice shape for showing to prospective tenants. When a property preservation contractor is in charge, a representative will check on the house regularly to assure it remains ready to be shown to potential customers.


Contact DuAll Services to manage the needs of your empty rent houses between tenants. We are located in Columbia Heights, MN and you can reach us at 763-788-9411. The house will remain in good repair and ready to present to potential new clients for rent or sale.


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