It's one thing to maintain the home you live in as clean and nice for yourself, your family, and guests. It's a little different to keep an empty house available for potential clients be they buyers or renters. Property management is a job unto itself, property maintenance involves a different set of duties. Professional maintenance services are available with proven result toward the sale or lease of your investment properties.

Trash Removal and Cleaning

Ideally, renters have left the house with appropriate notice, or a standard sale was made and the people who once lived there have moved out. Otherwise, the house was foreclosed upon, renters were evicted, squatters were removed, or a forced sale made people leave before they were ready. In each of these situations, there is going to be furniture and trash left behind, and the house likely wasn't cleaned before the last tenants left. Professional trash removal services can free your time toward making plans for your investment, and professional cleaning services allow you to see the house at its full potential as you develop your investment plan.

Painting and Maintenance

To some extent, painting can be part of the cleaning process as it covers the grime irresponsible tenants may have left behind. Routine maintenance can fix broken cabinetry and doors, along with replacing the hardware necessary toward their use. Some investment homes require a full remodel job, others simply need the maintenance work which has been neglected over the years.

Lawn Care and Curb Appeal

Outside of caring for the inside of a real estate investment is caring for the outside. Lawn care is an ongoing chore involving mowing grass and trimming hedges, perhaps raking leaves, pressure washing siding, or cleaning the driveway according to location. A first impression is often the difference between whether or not a potential buyer chooses your house over another, and as the saying goes, “You only have one chance at a first impression.”


Maintaining a house and selling it are separate jobs unto themselves. Allow professionals to care for your house so can focus on selling or renting us. Feel free to contact DuAll Services, Inc., to discuss with a professional how best to serve your property maintenance needs while you determine how to best find a family who will benefit from the home you have to offer.

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