A property management company can be a vital component in maintaining a property or home that is not occupied all year round, or that is rented out. Whether you own a single home that you want to rent out for extra cash, you are a real estate agent with multiple properties that you must oversee, or you have a vacation home that you want to have ready at a moment's notice, DuAll Services offers a plethora of features and services that make your life easier.


1.      On Call 24/7
At DuAll Services, we know that emergencies and unexpected events can happen outside of the regular business hours that you keep. That doesn't matter to us as we have technicians that are standing by every day of the year -- Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve and more -- to immediately take care of your needs.

2.      Periodic Cleaning
There's no one-size-fits-all cleaning solution when it comes to property. You might want to have your vacation home cleaned just before the new season or you might prefer that DuAll Services cleans and checks on your property once a month. We can also clean up after tenants move out, perform snow removal and maintain your yard.

3.      Winterization
Even though the cold weather is here in Minnesota, it's not too late to have DuAll Services come out to perform the necessary winterization services. This is a vital service that protects both your home and your belongings if your pipes freeze. We also offer a de-winterization service when the weather warms up in the spring.

4.      Move Out Services
If you are a real estate professional, you know how important move out services are to the security and safety of property. At DuAll Services, we offer a range of services focused on properties that have tenants that move out. In addition to rekeying the doors, we can also remove debris, garbage, and other unwanted items from the property. Maintaining the lawn and yard to help provide the most curb appeal can help you get the property rented out more quickly. Alternatively, DuAll Services can also provide board up services for those properties that need repair or that could potentially be broken into.


At DuAll Services, our name says it all! We offer a range of services to protect, maintain and restore properties in the Minneapolis area. Call us today at 763-788-9411 for a free estimate

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