A punch list is a checklist of actions that we need to complete so that you can comply with the terms of a building contract. When a project is in its final stages, we prepare the list to ensure that the entire project is completed. Once we have covered every item, do a walk-through with you on site. You can verify that we have done the work according to the contract. If we have missed any details or have not completed them according to the agreement, we then go back and finish the job until all terms are met.


What is Involved in the Contract?

The documentation includes many items that you, the customer, and we, the company, agreed upon in advance. Some of the objectives that we cover include the following:


●        Payment arrangements

●        Schedules and deadlines

●        All parties involved (including any third parties)

●        Equipment, labor, or methods used for completing the job (if necessary)

●        A checklist of all objectives that we need to meet


How Does a Punch List Benefit You?

Much of the work we do would be considered construction or contract work. Construction work of this caliber goes more smoothly when everyone understands what needs to be done. For this reason, our work - like all other construction work - requires a contract to protect all parties involved, but especially you, the client. Contracts a professional form of communication that binds both our company and you to a job agreement. Contracts eliminate complex legal issues that stem from confusion in communication. At this level, a simple handshake does not benefit anyone.


Examples of Punch List Items

We perform a wide array of jobs that require us to create a punch list. Some examples of jobs that we would create a list for include:


●        Code Compliance

●        Installations

●        Winterizations

●        Lawn care

●        RTO preservation or repairs

●        House Cleaning


Digital Tools

Technology allows us to communicate with you and store information more efficiently. We can update the punch list in an app on a smartphone or other device. You can view the job progress in real time. We can also take notes and share media files so that you can see how well we’ve finished the job without making multiple trips. We can do a lot of the work on digital tools so that you don’t have to. We can also quickly communicate any issues that may arise and find solutions via message, texts, or apps. Digital tools allow us to serve you faster and more effectively.


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