Duall Services offers REO Field Service for owners in the Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa area. Our service is comprehensive, which means, we do it all to get your property the way you want. There are several facets to our REO service that we will cover below. If you are not sure if our service will meet your needs, please contact us, and we'll go over the details. Let's explore REO service a little further.


What Does REO Stand For and What Does it Mean?

REO stands for 'Real Estate Owned.' It is a term that describes a property that mortgage lenders, banks, or government agencies own. Most lenders keep the properties in excellent condition until they find a buyer for the house. This is where we come in. We provide a wide range of REO services that help lenders maintain the property until someone buys the house. Some of our most popular services include:


Debris Removal

If you are a lender that has had to reclaim a home, you may find that it is not in ideal condition. If so, our crew can clean up the property and remove all the debris both inside the house and out in the yard. We can remove all the debris and dispose of it legally.



One of your priorities as a lender is to secure the house once the occupants have moved out. Since you don't have time to do it, we can do it for you. We can put new, secure locks on all the doors and hand you the keys when we complete the job.


Board Ups

If you need more than a set of keys to secure a property, we can board up the entire home from the outside or the inside. You may decide you need a board up if there are expensive valuables that need protection. We will secure the building so that no one can break in.



We go one step further than most property preservation companies by offering plumbing repairs 24/7. We can handle small and large plumbing problems including pipe leaks, mainline sewers, faucet and fixture replacement, and pipe repairs. No matter how severe the problem is, we can restore the plumbing system so that it's ready to use.


Complete Garbage Removal Services in Minneapolis

If you are looking for comprehensive REO Field Service or garbage removal service in the Twin Cities area or the Tri-State area, contact Duall Services. We offer a wide range of work that includes garbage removal, foreclosure cleanout, debris removal, and house cleaning. To schedule a consultation and get an estimate, call us at 376-788-9411, or you can message us at  info@DuAllservices.com.

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