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Do Not Enter: Patient Being Shaved

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Hello? Is Anybody Home?

And Now For Something Completely Different: Hot Springs

Transition Time, or, Garbage In Swampland

Bible Left Behind

Friday Photo Fun: Stoned Devil Edition

A Sad Game List

Travelogue: Dangerous Neighborhoods Across The U.S.

View Larger Map I was browsing the data in an article called "25 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods," and found it to be lacking. The data and maps are nice, but I wanted an actual visual of what these places look like. So I turned to Google Street View. View Larger Map The Google cameras capture the essence of these impoverished, crime-stricken neighborhoods. I looked at the maps in the article, then "walked" the streets via Street View. What I found in each neighborhoods was a portrait of urban ennui, social decay, and changing times. View Larger Map The Google cameras capture these urban wastelands quite elegantly. The impersonal camera-car rolls through the neighborhood in a vehicle equipped with a series of fisheye cameras.  In just a few minutes, I was able to see a once-stately home on a dying street in Cleveland; the bombed-out shells of row houses in Cincinnati; a  sad corner in Chicago; and much more. My favorite shot is from Orlando, on a run-down street outside of downtown. For so ...

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