How to Prepare Your Cabin for the Winter

Many cabin owners don’t really put much consideration into winterizing their cabins when they leave. They simply make sure everything is off and switch off the power. Unfortunately, if you a cabin owner who doesn’t take the time to winterize your home, then you are missing an opportunity to save money.

To begin the process of winterizing your cabin, following these simple steps and cover all your bases at once.

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Keep Mice at Bay

When the cat’s away, the mice will play.

When you leave your cabin alone for the duration of a Minnesota winter, you run the risk of having some uninvited house guests. Mice are the most common critters to infiltrate cabins, and even if you are meticulous in your cleaning and maintenance, these buggers can still find ways in through air conditioning ducts and wiring that lead into the home. Mice are good climbers, too, and if you have trees overhanging the roof, mice might find a way to sneak into your attic.

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Six Tips to Get Your Cabin Ready for Winter

Flurries are flying today, putting an end to 2016’s Endless Fall. Sure, it’s been a glorious ride from mid-April to mid-November, and we’ve certainly enjoyed the extended time up at the lake. But with the deep freeze just around the corner, it’s time to review some tips for taking care of your cabin this winter. 

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Keep Control of Your Cabin This Winter

Sure, you know you’ll have to do a little cleaning come spring. Easy stuff, like dusting, sweeping, knocking down cobwebs, and firing up the fridge, right? Ideally, that’s all you’d have to do. But the reality can be much different – especially if your cabin has been left alone all winter. Here are some issues that can befall a Minnesota cabin if it sits unoccupied for the winter months.

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Don’t Ignore Your Cabin This Winter

Minnesotans love heading up north for some time at the cabin. But once Old Man Winter blows the leaves from the trees and ushers in cold weather, we tend to hunker down in our homes. Meanwhile, our cabins sit, lakeside, waiting for us to show up again in the spring. But the elements continue to take a toll on your cabin even when you’re not there.

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Prepare Your Cabin For Winter

The dog days of summer are behind us, and right now the weather couldn’t be any nice up in Cabin Country: warm, sunny days that showcase the changing colors, tempered by cool nights that are great for sleeping. And while we cherish these last warm breezes of the season, we know that winter lurks just around the corner. What should you do to get your cabin ready for winter?

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It's a Jungle Out There

With all the hot weather and rainfall we’ve had recently, Minnesota feels more like a tropical wonderland than the northland. If you have any properties that haven’t had lawn care services recently, you might be surprised to see how overgrown the yard is. We’ve found grass nearly up to our wastes, bushes tangled with vines, shrubs covering all of a home’s windows, and vines that have all but devoured the home contained within its vegetable embrace. These are the kinds of scenes that you usually only see in a movie about swashbuckling adventurers who have to hack their way through the jungle with a machete.

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Coming Soon: DuAll Cabin Services!

You read that title correctly: DuAll is working on rolling out a full suite of cabin services. As you know, we have a long history of restoring, rebuilding, and maintaining all kinds of properties throughout Minnesota. Frequently, when we’ve been working in northern Minnesota’s Lake Country, local cabin owners ask us if we work on cabins. Too often, they say, they call to get some work done, only to get the runaround. Sometimes they hired workers who never even showed up!

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Covering All The Bases In Property Preservation

There are many different components of property preservation. Here are some of the important services that we offer. 

Initial Property Securing

Once the previous occupants move out, you’ll have to make sure that the property is secure and safe. WIth DuAll, our technicians can change all the locks on the home, identify and address any potential safety issues, and secure outbuildings, pools, and more.

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With Warm Weather Come Summer Smells

If you’ve been working in foreclosed homes for any length of time, you know that summer makes all the aromas come alive. In our experience, there are a few things that tend to make the most pungent impression on our work.

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