A Junker With History

Whenever I come across a vehicle as we're clearing out a property, I wonder about its history. What now is a dust-covered, inoperable relic was once a shiny machine fresh off the assembly line. It was probably a pretty big deal for the people who made that new-car purchase, and it was well taken care of.

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Using DuAll to Rehab Your Old Home

Buying and selling houses or investing in rental properties can be a full time job or an investment to make extra money outside of your regular job. Either way, you’re probably looking for the best deal on older or foreclosed homes to generate the highest possible profits. To achieve that end it’s important to have the home fixed up quickly and efficiently with only necessary repairs. DuAll Services has the experience to help with your project.

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The Elements of a Foreclosure Cleanout

Foreclosed houses can be great purchases as either investment homes to flip or use as ongoing rental properties, or as an inexpensive way to buy a home for your own. The problem with foreclosures is they often haven’t been well cared for and require work to get them prepared to provide acceptable living conditions. They nearly always need cleaning up, are behind on routine maintenance schedules, and need some larger repairs.

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It's Like a Jungle Out There

So let's say that you're pulling up to a property and you can barely see the house. The grass is knee high, vines cover half of the dwelling, the bushes have grow over the windows, and the gutters look like they are unique ecosystems. During a Minnesota summer, the warm temperatures and long days means that vegetation will grow, and grow a lot. And when you're looking at an unkempt property in the middle of a block of well groomed homes, the overgrown property will stick out all the more. 

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The Importance Of Expert Technicians When Caring For A Property

Although it may seem easy, creating a lawn and maintaining your property’s exteriors are hard work. Doing both require that you know a little more than normal to ensure you get everything just right. DIY work may be great for some small projects, but when you own properties as an investor, you need the expertise and resources that a local expert offers you.

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Creating Good Curb Appeal For Your Properties

June is one of the best months to list your home for sale or find tenants that will remain in your home. With the weather heating up, you will have plenty of people looking at your property if you have curb appeal. But, how can your home outshine similar homes within the same vicinity? Keep reading to discover four tips for creating good curb appeal for your properties.

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Gardens Are Blooming. It's Time to Mulch


Now that we’re getting our lawns in shape for the rest of spring and summer, it’s time to think about applying mulch.

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Dirty Dave’s Trashout Plan

When Dirty Dave gets out of his truck, the game begins. “Whoo boy, what do we have in store today?” he says. “Let’s take a look!”

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Four Questions To Ask Your Property Preservation Company

When it comes to securing, cleaning, and preserving your inventory of foreclosed homes, you have a lot of options. But not all property preservation companies operate the same way. What should you ask companies before making a decision?

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Spring Lawns Can Be Soggy


It’s officially spring, but the ground is still quite wet. This puts us in a conundrum. We know that you’d love for us to start working on your properties’ yards as soon as possible. And yet we must balance that with our knowledge of how to take care of a yard. The end result, after all, is for your properties to look like some of the best ones on the block.

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