Cabin Services

We know how hard it is to get good help for your cabin. After all, the Up North lifestyle places more importance on fishing, hiking, and enjoying life with friends than it does on timely completion of tasks. And while this philosophy is great when you’re whiling away the hours on the lake, it’s frustrating when you need help with your cabin. You know the frustration: you call someone and they don’t show up or, if they do, oftentimes the job is either done poorly, incompletely, or not at all. Those days are over.

Our Pledge:

  • We will show up.
  • We will be fair and dependable.
  • We will treat your property as if it's our own.
  • We will complete the job on time and on budget

Minnesotans have long fled up north to escape the rat race of daily life. With DuAll’s Cabin Services, you can be sure to leave all the stress behind. Our professional technicians will take care of whatever you need, from seasonal lawn cleanup to repairs, from safety checks to getting ready for guests.

Seasonal Cabin Services

Depending on the season, we’ll make sure your yard looks great, you windows are clean, your roof is snow-free, and that the leaves aren’t clogging your gutters.

Interior Cabin Services

We have expert plumbers, carpenters, cleaners, and general handymen on staff to make sure that your property looks its best year round.


Safety and Emergency Services

If you have a sudden issue, such as a fallen tree limb, pest infestation, or flooding, we can quickly dispatch a crew to take care of it. And throughout the year we can perform visual and filmed safety checks to make sure your property is always in tip-top shape.


We offer a wide range of different packages to fit your property and budget.

Contact DuAll today to schedule services to maintain your cabin or lake property at peak value!

Cabin Services

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