Safety and Emergency Cabin Services

Exterior Property Services

Not only do you want your cabin to be attractive and comfortable, you also need it to be safe. After all, this is a place where your friends and family gather to relax. Plus, your cabin or lake home is a significant investment. We’ll help you protect the cabin and everyone inside it.

Security Checks - You can’t be at the cabin every day. Oftentimes, cabin owners will go weeks or months without visiting their property. During this time, there could be a break in, fallen tree, water leak, or other unforeseen event. Let us do regular safety checks to make sure that everything is as it should be. And if it’s not, we can act fast!

Emergency Services - You can’t predict when a pipe is going to burst or a tree will fall over your access road. When you need help fast, call us and we’ll be on the way.

Pest Control - We love all of God’s creatures, but prefer them to remain outside. If you have pests in your cabin, our experts will make sure they leave - and don’t come back.

Radon Testing - Radon is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. It’s also very dangerous. Over 40% of Minnesota homes have elevated levels of radon. Make sure you have your cabin tested to make sure it’s safe.

Lead Testing - Older paint may contain lead, which is a serious health concern - especially for young children. Let us identify any areas with excessive lead. Thermo Camera Inspection - If you want an energy-efficient dwelling, you need to see where your insulation is failing you. Our thermal camera imaging system helps to identify areas where outside air is infiltrating your cabin.

Custom Packages - We can design a custom package to fit your individual needs.

Contact DuAll today for efficient cabin services in the Whitefish Chain of Lakes region, as well as throughout northern Minnesota. 


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