Seasonal Cabin Services


Whatever time of year, you need to take care of your cabin. Minnesota’s Northland is beautiful, but the climate can be hard on cabins and lake homes. That’s why we offer the following services to make sure that your property looks great, rain, snow, sleet, or sun. Some of our cabin services include:

Pressure washing - This works great on decks! Our pressure washing services will clean off old leaves, moss, and anything else that clings to your cabin’s deck or exterior.

Roof Cleaning - Keep your roof debris-free and looking great.

Tree Trimming - If you see hanging branches, dead trees, or growth too close to your cabin, call us right away and we’ll make sure your trees are healthy and safe.

Mulching - You don’t want to spend your days off working at the cabin. Let us take care of the mulching for you.

Painting/Staining - You pick the color, and we’ll provide the manpower and expertise.

Gutter Cleaning - Avoid water build up and flooding by getting your gutters regularly cleaned.

Seal Coating - Many people have gravel driveways. But if yours is paved, you’ll want it to last for many, many years. Seal coating services can help you extend the life of your driveway.

Deck Debris Removal - We'll make sure that your deck is free of all the little goodies Mother Nature decides to drop on it.  

Snow Removal - Minnesota is known for its winters, and if you want to access your property after a snow storm, you’ll want to have DuAll come out and plow before you arrive.

Ice Dam Removal - During our winters, ice may accumulate on your roof. This process can trap water behind it, which then infiltrates your shingles and eventually your cabin or home. Don’t let this happen! Our ice dam removal experts will make sure your roofline does what it should: keep the elements at bay.

Roof Snow Removal - This is a good preventive measure against ice dams. It also reduces the stress on your structure.

Handyman Services - Need to change the locks, a light fixture, or faucet? Maybe you have an annoying and wasteful drip or leak? Want a new door installed? Whatever household repairs you need at your cabin, our technicians will take care of it for you.

Carpentry Services - If your needs go beyond more basic handyman repairs, our expert carpenters are more than what their name implies: they are artists. Our carpenters can build steps, decks, and more - all custom to your property.

Septic Sewer Blanket - Yes, your septic tank gets cold in the winter, and it needs a blanket. These blankets are staked to the ground in the fall and removed in the spring. Over the winter, they help to protect against frost and freezing.

Inspections - You can’t be up at the cabin all the time, but you do need to know what’s going on. We offer periodic inspections so that you can stay on top of your property, without having to be there.

Seasonal Cleanup - Get ready for the summer season with our Spring Cleanup. We’ll get your property in great shape for the upcoming season, including gardens, grass, shrubs, and more. When the leaves start to fall, our Fall Cleanup will remove all renegade leaves and prepare the property for the winter - which makes it much easier come the following spring.

“While-away” Care - If you want to have your property and cabin spic and span for your or guests’ arrivals, we can take care of every last detail - without you having to be there. Then, when you do arrive, you just have to open the door and enjoy the magic of Lake Country.

Contact DuAll today for efficient cabin services in the Whitefish Chain of Lakes region, as well as throughout northern Minnesota. 


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