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From foreclosure cleanouts to restoration and renovation, DuAll is your go-to team. We understand the ins and outs of property code compliance in Minnesota, and have worked on every kind of home you can imagine. With decades of experience throughout the Twin Cities, you can sit back and relax, knowing your property is in good hands.

Egress Windows
An essential part of any basement construction, renovation, or restoration is making sure proper egress windows are installed. Maintaining code compliance in this respect is an integral part of home safety, as it is meant to allow occupants to leave a basement bedroom in case of fire or allow for a fully equipped firefighter to enter through. Our team at DuAll understands the intricacies of the egress window code and will make sure your basement is fully code compliant.

Radon Testing
Radon is an odorless, colorless gas that can cause serious health issues. It seeps into the air from the soil as part of a natural decay of uranium into radium. Causing high numbers of lung cancer, specific codes have been set in place in the state of Minnesota and around the nation to help protect homeowners. As you prepare your property for sale, it’s important to understand your responsibility for radon testing. That’s why we’re here. As part of our complete code compliance and general contracting services, our team can test your property for radon and consult regarding next steps as needed.

Lead Testing
Our teams work in older homes very often, and find lead inspections and testing to be a critical component of getting those properties sale ready. However, old homes aside, lead can also be emitted into the air by nearby industrial buildings or through drinking water from plumbing materials. Lead poisoning causes several health problems in children and adults alike, but more so for young children. Lead testing is an essential part of code compliance, and our team is here to set your mind at ease. From paint testing, air quality testing, dust testing, and general risk assessments, our team will ensure your property is lead compliant in the state of Minnesota.

Thermal Imaging Inspections
At DuAll, we’re constantly updating our methods and systems as needed to incorporate new technology and efficient practices. Thermal Imaging Inspections use an advanced, non-invasive technology to see issues more clearly, or to find problem areas in a property that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Our team uses Thermal Imaging Inspections to look for broken window seals, plumbing leaks, hidden roof leaks, damaged heating systems or insulation, pest infestation, damaged circuit breakers, and more.

Punch List
Do you have a punch list that needs to be addressed? The DuAll team is ready to get it done. We understand the need to move quickly and efficiently and will walk with you through the punch list to ensure everything is to your liking. Your property is an investment, and we’re here to make sure the nitty gritty details are resolved and out of your hair.

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