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DuAll Services Property PreservationDuAll is your single simple solution when looking at your options of property preservation companies. A single phone call to DuAll will take your REO asset through all stages of the sale, from the initial rekey during redemption until you hang the “Sold” sign out front.

We perform all of our property preservation services in-house. Our highly trained technicians are true experts in their field. Think you have a case that will stump us? Whatever situation you have with an asset, whether it's a tree that has fallen through the roof, a semi-truck trailer parked on the property, dozens of chickens roaming an abandoned barn, hazardous chemicals, or whatever you happen to come across, we'll find a way to take care of it, responsibly, on time, and under budget. As our name says, we do it all.

Our Services Include:

  • On-call Technicians 24/7
    You'll never have to wait for an emergency service. We have technicians on call 24/7, 365 days a year. Did a pipe burst on Christmas Eve? No problem. Just call us, and we'll take care of it right away.
  • Spanish-language Interpreting and Translation
    Occasionally, brokers have to communicate with people who don't speak English. We have on staff a professional Spanish-language interpreter and translator. We'll make sure you are understood, and that your communications are accurate in both languages.
  • Debris and Garbage Removal (Trash Out)
    There is no property too daunting for our garbage removal services. Hoarder houses, garbage garages, barns bursting at the seams, and extensive properties full of rubbish, are all nothing for our crews. We take pride in our hard work and attention to detail. After our crews get done, there won't be so much as a nail left in the walls. We are your best option for a REO property that needs waste management and junk removal in Minneapolis.
  • Sale Clean
    Garbage removal is the first step in cleaning your Minneapolis REO Property. Then we send in a team to perform an initial cleaning service. With a top-to-bottom approach, we transform even the grimiest asset into a sparkling gem via our White Glove Standard. Your assets will shine with our show-ready services.
  • Periodic Clean (Monthly)
    Our initial professional cleaning service brings your home to a clean state ready for sale.  Periodic clean maintains the clean property.  We return to the asset monthly to freshen things up and make sure everything is in order. Periodic cleaning is one of the important property management cleaning services for our clients.
  • Initial Yard Clean Up
    Neglected, jungle-like lawn? No problem. Our lawn care service is more than grass cutting and landscaping. Our lawn care staff are artists of the trade who will transform the look of your yard. Our lawn care crews in Minneapolis arrive on even the hairiest of scenes, leaving only when your asset looks its best. We understand that curb appeal is paramount to a successful showing. Our lawn care services are just another part of our show-ready philosophy.
  • Periodic Yard (Weekly)
    Every week, we send teams out to every asset to make sure the yard is kept trim and looking great.
  • Snow Removal
    If the Midwest is famous for its long winters, DuAll is famous for its rapid snow removal services. Any time it snows over an inch, our network of plow crews fans out across the state, servicing all of our assets. You'll never have to trudge through snow to show your clients a property.  We have snow emergency crews on call in Minneapolis and throughout the metro area. 
  • Rekey
    We take care of all rekeying on your assets. As soon as we get an order in, we send out a technician to rekey and secure the property. We rekey properties like nobody else.
  • Smoke Detector Installation
    Avoid code-compliance and safety issues. Our smoke detectors installation service will bring your REO property to code compliance.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation
    We install carbon monoxide detectors to ensure code compliance
  • Winterization
    When the winds begin to blow cold, our plumbing crews make sure that the pipes are safe in all of your assets. Winterizing your home and REO property winterization is important in Minnesota. We use environmentally friendly antifreeze solutions in our property winterization.
  • Dewinterization
    Spring means you can turn the water on again in your REO property. Inspections can require proof of a working plumbing system. We'll help you properly dewinterize the plumbing system and take care of any plumbing repair service that you may need.
  • Plumbing Repairs
    Whatever the plumbing needs are for your asset, DuAll is there to assist you promptly.
  • Board-ups
    Some areas are prone to break-ins, and some assets have broken or unsafe doors and windows. Our crews make sure that your property is properly boarded up and secured.
  • Other Preservation and Maintenance Services
    REO properties are unique and have different REO maintenance needs. There are myriad scenarios that you might find on a property. Whatever it is, we are here to help you take care of it.

    DuAll Services, Inc.

    DuAll is Minnesota’s only 24/7 Property Preservation and REO Field Service company


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